My research focus is on competition and synergy effects in intercropping, especially roots. I am interested in new methods in root research.
Further research focus:
- Root discrimination of various species by FT MIR-ATR spectroscopy in intercropping
- Root discrimination of closely related crop and weed species
- Root discrimination in legume-cereal intercropping
- Effects of tillage and drought stress on root distribution

IMPAC³ - Novel genotypes for mixed cropping allow for IMProved sustainable land use ACross arable land, grassland and woodland. Link to website:
DFG-Project: Species discrimination of plant roots by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy

Supervision of bachelor and master theses
Supervision of the long-term experiments Garte-Süd and Hohes Feld

Summer semester:

  • B.Agr. 0351 Übungen zur Nutzpflanzenkunde, # 740381
  • M.Agr. 0078 Umweltindikatoren und Ökobilanzen, # 740426
  • B.Agr. 0338 Regionale ökologische Lebensmittelerzeugung und -vermarktung, # 740364

Winter semester:

  • M.Agr. 0001 Acker- und pflanzenbauliche Übungen, # 740044
  • M.Agr. 0035 Methodisches Arbeiten: Interdisziplinäres Seminar, # 740056
  • B.Agr. 0319 Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten und prof. Präsentieren in der Pflanzenproduktion (Ringvorlesung), # 740119

Selected publications
Streit, J., Meinen, C. & R. Rauber (2019). Intercropping effects on root distribution of eight novel winter faba bean genotypes mixed with winter wheat. Field Crops Res. 235, 1-10.

Streit, J., Meinen, C., Nelson, W.C.D., Siebrecht-Schöll, D.J. & R. Rauber, in press. Above- and belowground biomass in a mixed cropping system with eight novel winter faba bean genotypes and winter wheat using FTIR spectroscopy for root species discrimination. Plant and Soil. DOI:10.1007/s11104-018-03904-y

Legner, N., Meinen, C. & R. Rauber (2018). Root differentiation of agricultural plant cultivars and proveniences using FTIR spectroscopy. Frontiers in Plant Science.

Meinen, C., Streit, J., Legner, N., Naumann, A. & R. Rauber (2018). FTIR-spectroscopy for root discrimination in multi-species mixtures. Mitt. Ges. Pflanzenbauwiss. 30, 167-168.

Meinen C., R. Rauber (2015). Root discrimination of closely related crop and weed species using FT MIR-ATR spectroscopy. Frontiers in Plant Science 6:765, doi:10.3389/fpls.2015.00765

Rewald, B., C. Meinen (2013). Plant roots and spectroscopic methods-analyzing species, biomass and vitality. Frontiers in Plant Science 4:393,

Meinen C., R. Rauber (2012). FTIR-ATR spectroscopy – a new approach in root discrimination of crop and weed species. Julius-Kühn-Archiv 434, Vol. 2, 702-707.

Meinen C., R. Rauber (2012). Quantitative Analyse der Wurzelverteilung in einem Erbsen-Hafer-Gemenge mittels Fourier-Transform-Infrarot (FTIR) Spektroskopie. Mitt. Ges. Pflanzenbauwiss. 24: 98–99.

Meinen C. (2008). Fine root dynamics in broad-leaved deciduous forest stands differing in tree species diversity. PhD thesis.

Additional information

Frontiers in Plant Science
Plant Nutrition and Soil Science
Field Crops Research
Silva Fennica

Gesellschaft für Pflanzenbauwissenschaften e. V. (GPW)
International Society of Root Research (ISRR)