The Division Agronomy is performing outstanding research related to various themes such as...

  • sustainable ressource use in plant production
  • environmentally sound cropping systems
  • impacts of climate change and climate variability on field crops
  • impacts of abiotic stress factors (heat, drought, frost ...) on crops
  • interactions in plant communities, mixed cropping
  • towards a sustainable bioeconomy: energy crops
  • organic agiculture: impact of no-tillage systems


  • Crop growth modelling
  • Modelling of water and nutrient fluxes
  • Detecting GHG-emissions by chamber measurements and eddy-covariance flux towers
  • Development and analysis of complex data sets using geographic information systems
  • Fourier Transform Infrared- (FTIR) Spektroskopy for root distinction
  • Isotope analyses to quantify symbiotic nitrogen fixation