Biophysikalische Chemie

News and Highlights 2023

  • We are very excited to be among the recipients of the 2023 HFSP research grant awards for the project by Mohan Balasubramanian together with Sigal Ben Yehuda and Ben O'Shaughnessy to work on spore dormancy and revival mechanisms across scales.

  • Mark Skamrahl, who left our lab to see the world end of January, just had the last part of his PhD work published in PNAS. Congratulations Mark, we wish you the best for your trip around the world and the new adventures afterwards! Read about the exciting physics and mechanics of cellular segregation in cocultures here.

  • Susanne Stenz also finished her bachelor thesis recently entitled: "Investigating the influence of N-terminal arginylation on the mechanical properties of β-actin". Congrats on this great work, we are very excited to collaborate with you for a bit longer as a student research assistent in our group!

  • After beig a part of our lab for many years as student researcher, bachelor student and now master student, Hongtao Pang just finished her Master's thesis on "Investigating the mechanical interactions and dynamics of epithelial cells with varying intercellular adhesion". Congratulations and good luck on your future endeavors! Thank you for many great memories over the past years.

  • Thanh Tan Huynh Huu just finished his bachelor thesis on "Quantification of confined collective epithelial cell movements via velocity flow fields" in our group, congrats! We wish you the best for your graduate studies!

  • Niklas Klatt and Nilay Cicek both has joined our group as a new PhD students in January/February as part of the new Research Training group "CYTAC". Niklas got his Masters degree in Göttingen, NIlay joined us from Sabancı University in Istanbul. Welcome to both!

  • Chin-Yao Chang has joined our group as a new PhD student. Chin-Yao got his Masters-degree within the Max Planck School Matter to Life and started his PhD with us in December 2022. Welcome, Chin-Yao!

  • The new DFG funded research training group Cytoskeletal elements of active matter – from molecular interactions to cellular biophysics (CYTAC) hast started on 01/01/23. We are looking forward to our first cohort of highly motivated students and many fruitful collaborations!

February 2023