Research Interests

  • remotely controlled and robotic telescopes; networking of robotic telescopes
  • extrasolar planets in close binary star systems; Galactic gravitational microlensing searches for planets
  • baryonic alternatives to cold DM in galaxies; using stellar dynamics to measure the presence of DM
  • the Virtual Observatory (member of the VOEvent and semantic working groups)
  • astronomical image processing in schools

Possible Bachelor, Master and Dissertation Projects

  • observations of Galactic microlensing objects (M.S., Ph.D.)
  • trying to detect exomoons (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.)
  • absorption spectroscopy of comet ISON (B.S.)
  • detecting the presence of heliospheric microwave emission in WMAP & Planck data (B.S., M.S.)
  • modelling the interaction of magnetic stars in close binary systems (B.S., M.S.)
  • Raspberry Pi-based intelligent hardware for robotic telescopes (B.S.)
  • design of a Nasmyth-baffle for the MONET telescopes (B.S., M.S.)
  • autoguider system for the MONET telescopes (M.S.)
  • performance of a low-resolution spectrograph for MONET using a curve VPH grating (B.S., M.S.)