Institute for Astrophysics

The Institute for Astrophysics in Göttingen is the only university institute in the state of Lower Saxiona where teaching and research in astronomy and astrophysics is performed. The scientific research areas cover the fields solar physics, stellar and planetary astrophysics, galactic and extragalactic astrophysics, and cosmology.

Solar, stellar, and planetary astrophysics

Omega Centauri

Physics of the interior of the sun and sun-like stars, solar activity, space weather, stellar atmospheres, stellar structure, stability and evolution, pulsating stars, extra-solar planets, activity and magnetic fields in stars, brown dwarfs and planets, theoretical and numerical astrophysics, astrophysical fluid mechanics, physics of accretions discs, late stages of stellar evolution

Extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology

Hubble Deep Field Aufnahme

Phenomenology, kinematics and variability of AGN, X-Ray-, radio, IR-, and optical properties of AGN, the first stars and galaxies, formation of supermassive black holes, dwarf galaxies, magnetic fields in the early universe, physics of the early universe, inflation in string theory, primordial fluctuations, cosmological structure formation, computational cosmology