Instrumentation and telescopes

Instrumentation and telescopes at the Institute

  • 50 cm Cassegrain Telescope
    The modern Cassegrain reflecting telescope with 50 cm mirror diameter and 5 m focal length is on the roof terrace of the Institute in a dome building with 5.3 m in diameter.
  • Vacuum vertical telescope
    The Siderostat on the roof of the physics building is used for light input into the vacuum vertical telescope (VVT), which is an integrated optical device in the building for high-resolution spectroscopy of the sun and bright stars.

Instrumentation and telescopes outside the Institute

    European Southern Observatory ESO
    Since 1990 the Institute for Astrophysics is involved in constructions of instruments for the ESO Paranal Observatory, funded by BMBF research fundings.

    MICADO is the Multi-AO Imaging Camera for Deep Observations, which has been designed to work with adaptive optics on the 39-m European Extremely Large Telescope
    Multi Object Spektrograph for the ESO/ E-ELT (phase A)
    High-resolution spectrograph for the ESO/ E-ELT (phase A)
    Upgrade of ESO's high-resolution infrared spectrograph CRIRES at the VLT
    8-tonnes integral-field 'Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer' at the VLT
  • VST/ OmegaCAM
    Wide Field Imager of the 2.5m VLT Survey Telescope (VST)
  • VLT/ FORS 1,2
    The FOcal Reducer Low Dispersion Spectrographs for the 8.2m VLT

  • Calar Alto Observatory

    Calar Alto high-Resolution search for M dwarfs with Exoearths with Near-infrared and optical Échelle Spectrographs

Telescopes with participation of the Institute

    The MONET (MOnitoring NEtwork of Telescopes) project is a network of two 1.2m telescopes operated by the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, the McDonald Observatory, and the South African Astronomical Observatory.
  • HET
    9.2m Hobby-Eberly-Telescope at McDonald Observatory in Texas
  • SALT
    11m Southern African Large Telescope