Dr. Berenike Herrmann

Since March 2011, Berenike Herrmann has worked as a postdoc (‘wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin’) at the Department of German Philology at Göttingen University and is a postdoctoral member of the Courant Centre ‘Text structures’. She studied German Language and Literature, Sociology, and Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Göttingen and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Before assuming a position as a PhD student and lecturer at VU University Amsterdam, she was a trainee at the Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, Department of Developmental and Comparative Psychology. Berenike Herrmann conducted her doctoral thesis on ‘Metaphor in Academic Discourse’.

Her research interests focus on the empirical study of literature, corpus linguistics, discourse linguistics, psycholinguistics, discourse and text processing, metaphor studies and the development of narrative skills in children.