About us

The service for Digital Learning and Teaching is responsible for central specialist support of e-learning and assists lecturers in the development and provision of modern, media-based tuition. The E-Learning-Service Team is a service unit for the support of teaching, offering one central point of contact for e-learning-related questions and sharing its expertise in the subject of e-learning through networks.

Our work includes:

  • We advise and help with concrete specialist and technical conception and in the design of e-learning projects
  • We supervise and administer the learning management systems Stud.IP and Ilias
  • We assist lecturers and local Stud.IP administrators with problems via our central e-learning support system
  • We offer training and information and organise continuing professional development in topics relevant to e-learning
  • We plan and organise the development of further central services in relation to e-learning

The service team’s support for lecturers aims at creating sustainable growth in an “e-learning culture” at Georgia-Augusta and creating appreciable advantages for the students.

In line with these objectives, the staff responsible for e-learning is integrated into the Department for Student and Academic Services.

The steady expansion of e-learning capacity at the University of Göttingen is also a central aspect of our role in the Student and Academic Services.

The financing of e-learning is based on funds for study quality, on the Quality Pact for Teaching (Projects Campus QPLUS and eCULT+), on funds of the Higher Education Pact and university budgets.