Digitales Lehren

Virtuelle Lehre - Vorlesungen

Virtual Teaching

With the following roundup of your choices concerning virtual teaching at our university we aim to assist you in choosing how to organize your lecture. may it be by using the hybrid model or completely virtual. We differenciate between lectures, seminars, meetings abd individual consultations. We are looking at it from a practical point of view and offer you a variety of information on respective sides concerning useful tools and guides.

Hybride Lehre - verfügbare technische Ausstattung

Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid teaching allows all teaching formats to be carried out online, if a group of students - due to a lack of space - cannot take part in on-site teaching. It is important that students who cannot attend the courses in person should not suffer any disadvantage. Because it is a completely new teaching-learning setting for our university, which is geared towards classroom teaching, the following recommendations are also in constant change and will be supplemented and corrected based on your experience.