Advanced Development Economics (Master, Ph.D.)

Lecture: Prof. Dr. Axel Dreher, Prof. Stephan Klasen, and J-Prof. Dr. Carola Grün.


This course provides an in-depth analysis of current research in selected critical issues in development economics at the graduate level. The course will cover the topics of measurement of development, poverty, and subjective well-being, macro vicious cycles, the role of geography and institutions in development, aid and development, growth, inequality, and poverty linkages, informal and fragmented labor markets, risk and insurance in agriculture, the economics of AIDS, and gender bias in developing countries. Some familiarity with development issues (e.g. Entwicklungsökonomik I, II, or III) as well as background in micro and macro theory and empirical economics is highly desirable. The course is open to Ph.D. students in economics, applied statistics, agricultural economics as well as M.A. students in international economics.


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