About the Sound Archive and the collection Van Lamsweerde

The sound archive of the Department of Musicology holds audio- and video documents. Archived media are vinyl and LP, compact audio cassettes, CDs, tapes and VHS-cassettes, DVDs and Digital Video tapes. It also contains microfilm and microfiche documents, which are now part of the SUB microform archive. Archived music comprises published recordings of European art music and field recordings of ethnomusicologists from diverse parts of the world.
The archive is a teaching and research collection. Media are partly exempt from loan and can only be used according to the library premises conditions. Media are listed only partially in the catalogue of SUB Göttingen. CDs, DVDs and other electronic media from book supplements are in the catalogue. Other media types are in the process of being catalogued, especially vinyls.

After the move of the sound archive together with the Musicological Library into the Cultural Studies Divisional Library (BBK) in September 2021, the media are distributed to the following library premises:

Cultural Studies Divisional Library (BBK), stack-room

  • From book supplements: CDs/ CD-Roms, compact audio cassettes, diskettes (in the catalogue and open for loan)

SUB, stack-room

  • Audio and audio-visual media (in the catalogue and open for loan so far: CDs, compact audio cassettes, vinyls (cataloguing in process))

Sound studio of the Department of Musicology, KWZ 2.830

  • Shellacs (printed catalogue list extant)
  • Magnetic tapes (not in catalogue)

For using the media of the sound archive located in the sound studio, please contact Prof. Andreas Waczkat.

The audio and video material of the collection van Lamsweerde are stored at the Department of Musicology, KWZ 0.830 and enlisted in the Opac of SUB Göttingen. Photographic reproductions of the physical sound media are documented by the Phonogrammarchiv Berlin and can be resarched on SMB-digital. Please note that the digitized sound recordings are not available freely online. Upon request for purposes of research, you can access them individually at the Department of Musicology Göttingen or at the Phonogrammarchiv Berlin. Please contact Birgit Abels for questions of usage.