Organic Chemistry Colloquium

Series of lectures in Winter Semester 2022/23

The Organic Chemistry lectures take place on Mondays at 5.15 pm in lecture hall MN30, unless otherwise stated. After the lectures, at about 7 pm, there will be a discussion over dinner with the guest speaker.

Lecture List:

Monday, 10.10.2022
Dr. Josep Cornella (MPI für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim)
“Bismuth Redox Catalysis”

Monday, 24.10.2022
Prof. Dr. Heiko Ihmels (Universität Siegen)
“Fiddling around with the quinolizinium ion: From selective and photoswitchable DNA ligands to light-up probes for fluorimetric DNA detection”

Monday, 7.11.2022
Prof. Dr. Felipe Garcia (Universidad de Oviedo)
“Mechanochemistry towards the synthesis of compounds and materials”

Monday, 14.11.2022
Prof. Dr. Mathias Christmann (Freie Universität Berlin)
“Stereocontrol in Amine-Catalyzed Organocatalytic Chlorinations: The Red Pill”

Monday, 5.12.2022
Dr. Bartholomäus Pieber (MPI of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam)
“The Wavelength Matters – Controlling the selectivity of photocatalytic reactions using different colors of light”

Monday, 30.1.2023
Prof. Dr. Ollala Vazquez (Philipps-University Marburg)
“Optochemical Tools to Control Gene Expression”

Monday, 13.2.2023
Prof. Dr. Eva Hevia (Universität Bern)
“Tailoring Cooperative Bimetallics for Arene Functionalization”