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Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we offer part of our programs online on the BigBlueButton platform and part in person based on the regulations. Under this link to BigBlueButton you can join all of our programs always for free. For international students in Göttingen, who are looking for information, support and engagement, RISE (Reflecting the International Student Experience) offers sessions, where they can talk about ups and downs of student life in a cozy atmosphere, while meeting others and exchanging ideas and feelings. As being known for hosting diverse nationalities, we have organized different cafés for language aficianados. If you would like to speak German and learn interesting and exciting things about the German language and culture, you can take part in our Typic German!? workshop to improve your language skills and knowledge about Germany. This language workshop intends to extend the learning process from classroom to a friendly and real-life situation where interesting aspects emerge. You can also put your drawing skills to the test at the Painting Workshop. This workshop offers you a chance to discover and display your secret talents! If you want to do yoga, you should definitely join our Yoga Workshop in English. If you are interested in gardening and planting a garden, how to take care of plants or simply looking for a nice, friendly, cozy environment where you can talk about environment, sustainability, plants and more, we have a nice offer for you, then. Join our Beyond Mülltrennung / Sustainability Workshop, which takes place in the amazing Alumni-Garden of the Göttingen University. Here is a list with the details:

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Beyond Mülltrennung EngOhneRahmen1

InDiGU: Integration & Diversity at Göttingen University

InDiGU is an extra-curricular programme which promotes the integration of international students at Göttingen University and supports the cooperation between them and local students.


Foyer International
Von-Siebold-Straße 2
37075 Göttingen


Opening hours:
Mo-Th 6-10.30pm, Fr 6-8.30pm