Language-Tandem: Accompanied Tandem-Learning

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Dear tandem learners,
even in times of social distancing you can continue your tandem partnership – just do it online! Here you can find some ideas on how to improve your language skills together: online tandem exercises
Have fun and take care!


>> What is Tandem?

a) a bicycle for two :-)
b) a method of language learning: A language Tandem allows you to join forces with someone who speaks the language you want to learn, so you can both benefit from each others skills.

>> How can I benefit from Tandem?

A language tandem has many advantages:
- You can refresh "rusty" foreign language skills or even learn a completely new language
- It allows you to use the foreign language outside of the classroom, in authentic and realistic situations
- You can make friends with people from all over the world
- And the best part: It’s free!

>> How can I register for a Tandem or find a Tandem-Partner?

>> Join us for our language-tandem-evening at the beginning of every semester!


Register on our Tandem-Platform and find your Tandem-Partner online.

>> I found a Tandem-Partner! But what do we do now?

First of all: Great! Congratulations! Now it is important that you figure out a good plan on how you want your language tandem to be like. The Tandem-Team is always happy to help! Just send an e-mail to:

>> Do you have any more questions?

Then simply write an e-mail to:

>> Tandem learning resources


Fragen Deutsch
Satzanfänge Deutsch
Finde die Fehler im Text!
Spiel des Lebens Deutsch
Redewendungs-Memory Deutsch
Redewendungs-Memory Deutsch Lösungsschlüssel
Gedichte Deutsch Textpuzzle
Gedichte Deutsch Original


Questions English
Satzanfänge Englisch
Game of Life
Describing a picture in English


Expressions françaises Memory
Expressions françaises solution


Spiel des Lebens Arabisch

Besides our learning material, there are a lot of helpful tips and exercises in the internet. Here we collected some of them, sorted by languages: Language learning websites

If you know other helpful websites, send us an e-mail and we add it to the list!