Research interests:

I am an agronomist with experience in Tropical and Temperate regions. My research interest lies in quantification and understanding of the effects and response of crops to extreme weather events based on experimentation and agro-ecosystem modelling - to contribute with solutions for better cope with current and future environmental challenges.

Research foci and activities:

  • Understanding the relative importance of genotype and management on crop yield performance under current and future conditions
  • Identifying required improvements in current crop models regarding the representation of crop response to abiotic stresses (focus: barley)
  • Identifying model-based barley ideotypes for future climate conditions
  • Model-based agro-climate risk assessment in tropical and sub-tropical agricultural lands with limited access to high-quality environmental data


  • B.Agr.0320.Mp: Introduction to Tropical and International Agriculture
  • B.Agr.0428: Introduction to exploratory data analysis using R
  • M.Agr.0182: Blended E-course: Crop Modelling for Risk Management
  • M.SIA.P16M.Mp: Crop Modelling for Risk Management
  • M.Agr.0001.Mp: Exercises: Acker- und pflanzenbauliche Übungen (Practical course in agronomy) (bi-lingual)
  • M.SIA.P22.Mp: Management of tropical plant production systems


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