Research interest and activities:

My current research interest is on understanding and quantifying climate risk in agricultural systems. This includes: the use of process-based crop models to explore the impacts of extreme weather events on crop productivity and farm management, the development of tools aimed to reduce climate uncertainty and supporting decision-making in agriculture.
I am also interested in quantification of agro-climate risks and their effects in tropical and sub-tropical agricultural lands with limited access to high-quality environmental data.

Teaching and academic activities:

  • Introduction to Tropical and International Agriculture
  • Crop Modelling for Risk Management
  • Acker- und Pflanzenbauliche Übungen


Bracho-Mujica G., Hayman P. T. & Ostendorf B. 2019, Modelling long-term risk profiles of wheat grain yield with limited climate data, Agricultural Systems (173): 393-402.

Bracho-Mujica G., Hayman P. T., Sadras V. O. & Ostendorf B. 2019, Simple scaling of climate inputs allows robust extrapolation of modelled wheat yield risk at a continental scale, Climate Risk Management (23): 101-113.