Research interests:

My current research focus is on developing and improving of agro-ecosystem models with a strong linkage to experimentation (field trials, greenhouse experiments). Thereby I work in a range of environments/cropping systems from tropical perennial systems (oil palm, cacao) to commercial farming systems in Australia and Germany (wheat, canola) and small-scale farming in southern Africa (maize, legumes). Main topics are a.o. yield gap analysis, precision farming, intercropping and wider system analysis (including social science perspectives).

Teaching and academic activities:

I teach agro-ecosystem modelling as master course in the SIA program and also externally in workshops. Furthermore, I am involved in introductory courses to plant production systems in the tropics.

Key publications:


Hoffmann, M.P., et al. Assessing the potential for zone-specific management of cereals in low rainfall South-eastern Australia: Combining on-farm results and simulation analysis. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science. Early View. doi: 10.1111/jac.12159


Hoffmann, M.P., et al. Crop modelling based analysis of site-specific production limitations of winter oilseed rape in northern Germany. Field Crops Research 178: 49-62. doi:10.1016/j.fcr.2015.03.


Hoffmann, M.P., et al. Simulating potential growth and yield in oil palm with PALMSIM: Model description, evaluation and application. Agricultural Systems 131: 1-10. doi:10.1016/j.agsy.2014.07.006