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Press release: Award for ecological research

No. 124 - 10.08.2021

Professor Teja Tscharntke receives Medal of Honor of the Society for Ecology

(pug) Agricultural ecologist Professor Teja Tscharntke from the University of Göttingen has received the 2021 Medal of Honor of the Society for Ecology (GfÖ). Since last year, the GfÖ has been awarding scientists with this medal for outstanding and forward-looking achievements in ecological research. With his conceptual ideas on biodiversity patterns at the landscape level, Tscharntke is the "idea generator and mastermind of landscape ecology today," the GfÖ said. In addition, he fulfills an "outstanding multiplier function."

Tscharntke has headed the Department of Agroecology at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Göttingen since 1993. His research focuses on biodiversity and the composition of plant and animal communities as well as the interactions between plants and insects. In the "Highly Cited Researchers" ranking, he has been one of the most frequently cited scientists in his field worldwide for years.


Professor Teja Tscharntke

University of Göttingen

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Agroecology Group

Grisebachstraße 6, 37077Göttingen

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