Master of Science Molecular Life Sciences: Microbiology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry

The research oriented MSc/PhD program of the Faculty of Biology and Psychology and the Faculty for Chemisty offers project-based training in Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Plant Sciences. The curriculum comprises lectures with initial practical courses and subsequent individual research projects applying high-end technology. The program is taught completely in English.

The presentation of the programme (pdf) of our past Master information day gives an overview on structure and departments. The programme offers courses with special emphasis on:

  • General and applied microbiology
  • Genetics and eukaryotic microbiology
  • Cell and molecular biology of plant-microbe-interactions
  • Applied bioinformatics in molecular biosciences
  • Structural Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry and Biophysics
  • Enzyme catalysis and biological chemistry

Application period for applicants
* from non EU-countries: 1. Jan - 15. Feb
* from EU-countries: 1.April - 15.May.

Applications are accepted exclusively via the electronic online portal.

Admission Qualification

Detailed information on the admission to the program