Arbeitsgruppe Professor Dr. Sven Schneider

Arbeitsgruppe Professor Dr. Sven Schneider

"Schluschi" defended his PhD thesis

Göttingen, 22.09.2020
Bastian Schluschaß succcessfully defended his PhD Thesis "N2 Splitting and Functionalization in the Coordination Sphere of Tungsten". We share his happiness!

Yaroslava begins her PhD

Göttingen, 08.09.2020
Yaroslava Zelenkova begins her PhD today. To success!

Marc starts with his PhD

Göttingen, 01.09.2020
Marc Neben has started his PhD. Congratulations and all the best!

Katharina starts her doctorate

Göttingen, 15.05.2020
Katharina Wenderoth started her PhD today, after finishing her master's thesis in our group. We wish a successful start!

Leonard Hartung begins his master's thesis

Göttingen, 04.02.2020
Leonard Hartung begins his master's thesis in our group. We wish him good luck and fun with his project!

Jan Gerkens defends his thesis

Göttingen, 11.12.2019
Today, Jan Gerkens successfully defended his PhD thesis on the "Design of Metal-Organic Molecular Precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition". Our group congratulates to this achievement.

Till starts his PhD

Göttingen, 01.11.2019
Till Schmidt-Räntsch starts his PhD in our group. After doing his master's thesis in the group of Theodor Agapie (California Institute of Technology, USA) we are very happy that Till persue his scientific research with us. Till: May you do well!

Two new master students

Göttingen, 01.10.2019
Anne Goetz and Katharina Wenderoth started their master theses in our group. We wish both of them an exciting and successful time in our ranks.

Successful ICASEC summer school

Göttingen, 09.10.2019
Today, the ICASEC summer school on "Electrochemical Approaches to Chemical Synthesis", which was partly organized by our group, ended. After four days of intense and exciting science on the forefront topics of electrochemistry, we are certain that all participants will greatly benefit from the provided insights and wish them all the best for their upcoming (electrochemical) research. We especially want to thank the speakers, Cyrille Constentin, Sasika Heumann, Gerhard Hilt, Anny Jutand, Daniel Little, Antoni Llobet, Shelly Minteer and Thomas Wirth for their highly instructive and inspiring contribution.

Florian Wätjen defended his PhD

Göttingen, 27.09.2019
Today, Florian Wätjen successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Rhenium and Osmium PNP Pincer Complexes for Nitrogen Fixation and Nitride Transfer". The entire group congratulates Florian on this achievement.

Martijn Tepaske his PhD

Göttingen, 01.09.2019
Martijn Tepaske just started his PhD in our group. Before, he finished his master's degree at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. We are happy that Martijn is now a part of our group and wish him all the best for his upcoming project(s).

Group trip 2019

Göttingen, 19.08.2019
For the last four days, our group spend some terrific time together in Wölpinghause. Nice group building time as well as a instructive day of science on important methods for our group made these days a memorable time. We're especially happy that we could welcome also members from the group of Prof. Dr. Max Holthausen and Prof. Dr. Inke Siewert, who are close collaborators of ours.

Josh Abbenseth defended his PhD

Göttingen, 08.07.2019
Today, Josh Abbenseth successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Synthesis of Terminal Transition Metal Pnictide Complexes by Activation of Small Molecules". The entire group congratulates Josh on this achievement.

Felix Schneck defended his PhD

Göttingen, 26.04.2019
Today, Felix Schneck successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer at Nickel Pincer Complexes". The entire group congratulates Felix on this achievement.