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Indology (B.A.) (two subjects)

NOTE: This degree programme is being phased out. First-semester enrolment has been cancelled. Enrolment in higher semesters is still possible.

Investigate the diversity of India with well-established specialist knowledge: Indology at Göttingen offers optimal training in the culture and religious history of India.
Research foci cover Indian religions and literature as well as indian medicine, cultural, art and contemporary history. Language training in Sanskrit or Hindi is essential to this end. Learning these languages will enable academic involvement in special topics.

Programme name: Indology (B.A.) (two subjects)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Standard period of study: 6 semesters
Start: Only winter semester
Language of the programme: German
Orientation events: Orientation events are offered


  • 1st to 4st subject semester: No further admission
  • 5st and 6st subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • International applicants (non-EU): open admission (application to International Student Services)

Programme description
Students of the degree programme “Indology” will acquire skills leading to independent academic work and comprehensive knowledge of the culture, history and geography of India from its first beginnings up to the present. The focus is on the various religions of the country. These will be explored using specific methods from religious studies, because despite of all forms of modernisation and the enormous technological boom since the deregulation of the Indian economy, these religions play an important and decisive role in Indian culture and society now as they did before, as well as shaping many areas of everyday life. As religion never exists separately from society, in this degree programme high value will be placed on providing a historical, societal, cultural and literary context. In order to be able to work with Indian sources, a knowledge of the language is indispensable. Thus, the B.A. includes a programme of dedicated philological training. In this way, it is guaranteed that graduates possess a broad knowledge and spectrum of competence which will open a wide range of occupational fields to them.

Research foci in Göttingen:
The investigation of religions and literature from the Indian subcontinent on the basis of work on and with original texts.

Recommended prior knowledge:
Very good reading skills in the English language are recommended.

Language requirements to be fulfilled during the academic programme:
Acquisition of Sanskrit or Hindi.

Programme structure:
The Bachelor's degree is split into basic studies lasting three semesters and main studies lasting the same length of time.

Subject combinations:
In a two-subject Bachelor's degree, Indology can be combined with all subjects which are involved in this type of Bachelor's programme. Depending upon the intended future area of activity, a corresponding combination of subjects should be selected.

Occupational fields:
A B.A.-degree in Indology leads to professional activities providing religious, cultural and literary information related to the Indian region. Occupational fields can be found at universities and, with the relevant additional qualifications, in museums, libraries, and cultural establishments as well as in publishing, journalism and tourism and also work with migrants. To this end, combinations of Indology with other philological and general courses of study, such as Religious Studies, Ethnology and European Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology, are available. In the case of a second subject such as Medicine, Modern Indian Studies, Law or Economics, new possibilities are emerging in the fields of medicine and diplomacy as well as free enterprise and politics.