Study and Examination Advisory Service - Faculty of Humanities

No open office hours at the moment.

Study counseling by mail, phone or videochat and in compliance with the 3-G rules also
in presence. Please email us for an individual appointment.
Important: Please write emails only to one of our email addresses, your inquiries will always be answered (usually within 24 hours, except Sundays/holidays).

For short requests, you are welcome to contact us by phone without prior arrangement.

Please note the absence notifications on our german homepage!

Tina Seufer M.A.
Phone +49 (0)551 - 39 21888

Eva Wolff M.A.
Phone +49 (0)551 - 39 26713

You can consult us with questions like the following:

◊ Which course of studies are available at the faculty of Humanities?
◊ How do I plan my course schedule?
◊ I have general problems with my studies. Who is there to help?
◊ What do I do in case I want to change one of my courses of study?
◊ What exactly is the "Professionalisierungsbereich" including key competences?
◊ I want to start my Bachelor's-/Master's thesis, what steps do I need to take now?

The advisory is confidential and free of charge.

For questions regarding exam registration (Flex Now) including registration for Bachelor's and Master's thesis please contact the examination office (Prüfungsamt) .

If you are an exchange student please contact our advisor for international students .