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Latin Philology (B.A.) (2-subject-scheme)

Bringing ancient languages to life: Study Latin at Göttingen in one of only three departments in Germany with a special chair of teacher training. You will gain well-founded language training and the necessary philological know-how to make Latin texts accessible to you: Who created the text? Who read it? Who heard it? Who saw it? What message does the text convey? What does it reveal about the world (view) of the Romans? The programme is expanded by numerous possibilities for field trips and a close connection to neighbouring studies such as History, Greek and Archaeology.

Program: Latin Philology (B.A.) (2-subject-scheme)
Final Award: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Course Length: 6 semesters
Enrolment: winter semesters only
Language of the programme: German


  • 1st subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • 2nd to 6th subject semester: open admission (enrolment without previous application)
  • International applicants (non-EU): open admission (application to International Student Services)

Subject Details
Students are to develop an appropriate level of proficiency and accuracy in the usage of Latin grammar and language, enabling them to translate a) Latin poetry and prose of medium difficulty into German and b) German prose of low or medium difficulty into Latin, both without recourse to auxiliary references. They will further obtain a survey of the genres and history of Latin literature from its beginnings in the archaic to the imperial period, including an introduction to the most important meters of Latin verse. Students will also acquire knowledge and mastery of the basic hermeneutic tools of Classical Philology in order to develop the ability to read with discrimination, interpret and evaluate the Latin originals. The program further provides its students with insights into the most relevant auxiliary and neighboring disciplines of Latin studies, especially into ancient Greek literature.

Latin in Goettingen, Research focus
In addition to Greek and Latin literature of the classical period the Classical Department of Goettingen has further specialized in literature of the imperial period and late antiquity as well as in subject-related didactics.

Degree Scheme
The structure of the degree programme matches the guidelines in the regulations for 2-subject-scheme degree programmes; it comprises 9 compulsory modules and an elective module:

  • 1: Introduction to Latin Literature and Philology - Basic Module
  • 2-1: Latin Language I - Basic Module
  • 2-2: Latin Language II - Basic Module
  • 3: Latin Literature I: Poetry - Basic Module
  • 4: Latin Literature II: Prose - Basic Module
  • 5: Greek Literature for Students of Latin - Basic Module
  • 7: Latin Literature III
  • 8: Latin Language - Intermediate Module
  • 10: Didactic Competence (for Non-Teachers)
  • Elective Module: Classics (Ancient history, Archaeology, Linguistics, or Latin Literature of the Middle Ages)

Language Requirements (to be met early into program)
Graecum and Latinum. If you only have an intermediate Latin certificate, you will have to obtain the Latinum in the first subject semester. Additionally, contacting the academic advisor prior to your studies is highly recommended. If you don't have the Graecum, you will have to obtain it up to attaining the module 5 (Greek Literature for Latinists).

Combination of Subjects
The choice of second subject should depend on the profession envisioned in later life (e.g. Ancient History for students intending to work in archives etc.)

Occupational Area
general: culture, information, media, research