3D Seminar

The outbreak of Covid-19 in late 2019 has changed and will continue to change societal, economic and political processes globally. As a consequence, the ongoing situation also poses new challenges in development cooperation. Yet, the crisis also highlights opportunities, as for instance in the fields of evidence-based development policy or digital collaboration. It has been inspiring to follow the increasing number of webinars that have connected researchers across the entire world.

We here at the Department of Development Economics at the University of Goettingen would like to add to this burgeoning online academic community by providing a new format for policy and practice exchange – the Digital Development Dialogue (3D).

The aim of this 3D seminar series is to bring together two speakers – one researcher and one policymaker/practitioner – to discuss related topics. Having a mixed audience of scholars, policymakers and students allows for evidence-based and policy-relevant discussions that we would love to sustain for much longer than the Covid19 crisis.

Upcoming seminars

We are looking forward to update you soon on upcoming seminars after the summer break, which we would also announce via our 3D Seminar Mailing List as well as our 3D twitter account.

Previous Seminars

Amma Panin (World Bank) and John Asafu-Adjaye (ACET)
Creating and using Knowledge for Policymaking in Africa
02.07.2020 from 03:00pm to 03:45pm
Presentation by Amma Panin and Presentation by John Asafu-Adjaye

Howard White (Campbell Collaboration) and Jörg Faust (Deval)
Leveraging Evidence for Effective Development Policy
25.06.2020 from 03:00pm to 03:45pm
Presentation by Howard White and Presentation by Jörg Faust

Michèle Tertilt (University of Mannheim) and Alexandra Avdeenko (C4ED)
COVID-19 and Gender Equality
04.06.2020 from 03:00pm to 03:45pm
Presentation by Michèle Tertilt and Presentation by Alexandra Avdeenko

Jenny Aker (Tufts University) and Valentina Barca (Independent Consultant)
Digital Solutions to Deliver Social Protection in the Time of a Pandemic
28.05.2020 from 03:00pm to 03:45pm
Presentation by Jenny Aker and Presentation by Valentina Barca


The seminars last 45 minutes with about 30 minutes presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A. While the meetings take place on an irregular basis (roughly once per month), they are scheduled for Thursdays from 03:00pm to 03:45pm (UTC+2).

The seminars are held on Zoom. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive the Zoom link and all instructions to participate. We will use the newsletteronly to share updates regarding upcoming 3D seminars and in case logistics need to be changed.

All participants will be muted during the presentations. In the Q&A the moderator will open the microphone to participants that indicate to have a question via the chat.

Questions and Feedback

Sarah Langlotz, Lennart Kaplan and Laura Mahoney are happy to receive your feedback or handle any logistical questions via 3dinfo@uni-goettingen.de

Screenshot from our first dialogue with Valentina Barca and Jenny Aker.


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