Selected Publications

Andreas Fuchs

  • African Leaders and the Geography of China’s Foreign Assistance (with Axel Dreher, Roland Hodler, Bradley Parks, Paul A. Raschky and Michael J. Tierney), Journal of Development Economics 140: 44-71, September 2019.
  • The Effects of Foreign Aid on Refugee Flows (with Axel Dreher and Sarah Langlotz), European Economic Review 112:127-147, February 2019
  • State Control and the Effects of Foreign Relations on Bilateral Trade (with Christina Davis and Kristina Johnson), Journal of Conflict Resolution 63(2): 405.438, February 2019
  • The Home Bias in Sovereign Ratings (with Kai Gehring), Journal of the European Economic Association 15(6): 1386-1423, December 2017
  • Tracking Under-Reported Financial Flows: China’s Development Finance and the Aid-Conflict Nexus Revisited (with Austin M. Strange, Axel Dreher, Bradley Parks and Michael J. Tierney), Journal of Conflict Resolution 61(5): 935-963, May 2017
  • Rogue Aid? An Empirical Analysis of China’s Aid Allocation (with Axel Dreher), Canadian Journal of Economics 48(3): 988-1023, August 2015
  • Paying a Visit: The Dalai Lama Effect on International Trade (with Nils-Hendrik Klann), Journal of International Economics 91(1): 164-177, September 2013