Each semester you can find a range of topics addressed in our different workshop programmes. Whether in one, two or half a day long workshops, we hereby offer you to individually enhance your teaching competencies based on your level of experience and learn more about topics that you find most valuable (at the moment).

Open workshop programme

This programme is open to all academic teaching staff of our university and offers you to work, discuss, and learn in interdisciplinary settings.

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Workshops for teaching newcomers

Each semester wo facilitate some workshops especially for those of you, who are new to teaching in higher education. The workshops in this area aim at supporting you to better find your way into the perspectives (and tasks) as teaching academic.

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Workshops for postdocs and professors

Our workshops for professors offer you to enhance your competencies as lecturer and leader in university settings, to reflect your teaching experiences, and to network with other professors.

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Tutorinnen und Tutoren können sich auf ihre Aufgabe in Workshops vorbereiten.

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Workshops at the TU Clausthal

Due to our cooperation with the TU Clausthal, all academic teaching staff may also participate at workshops offered by our partner institution for teaching and learning of this university (ZHD).
Please register for workshops at the TU Clausthal via the ZHD homepage.