B08 - Structure and functioning of the decomposer system in lowland rainforest transformation systems

The project investigates changes in the structure and functioning of decomposer food webs with conversion of tropical lowland rainforests into rubber and palm oil plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia. The project focuses on spatial and temporal variations of the response of soil food webs to rainforest conversion at the landscape level as well as responses to variations in tree diversity and management of plantation systems. Overall, the project aims at uncovering generalities on the structure of and energy flux through soil animal communities of tropical rainforest and plantation systems thereby contributing to biodiversity conservation and the development of sustainable land-use systems. Extended Summary

Trennblatt B08 a
B08 research team and collaborators at the CRC 990 / EFForTS meeting in Hann. Münden (November 2017). Front (left to right): Valentyna Krashevska, Winda Ika Susanti, Rahayu Widyastuti, Damayanti Buchori; back (left to right): Purnama Hidayat, Danilo Harms, Di Ajeng Prameswari, Anton Potapov, Dorothee Sandmann, Jochen Drescher, Stefan Scheu.

Trennblatt B08 b
Examples of spider morphospecies found in different land-use systems.