The First Joint Euroculture Graduation Ceremony and Alumni Day

The first joint Euroculture Graduation Ceremony and Alumni Meetings took place on October 12-13, 2012 in Göttingen. The two-day event gathered alumni who have graduated in between 2008-2012.

With around 90 students, graduates, their friends and relatives as well as university staff members from all over the world in attendance, the Graduation Ceremony was not only an opportunity for current graduates to receive their diplomas, but also an excellent occasion to meet past alumni, share their experiences and enjoy the spirit of Göttingen again.

“Euroculture is more than just a study programme to me. It has changed the way I am, the way I see the world and what I want to do with my life,” says Daria Kulemeteyva (class of 2009) in the video.

The Graduation Ceremony started with the welcome greetings from: Berndt Hackstette (Director of Alumni Society), Euroculture staff members (Lars Klein, Senior Lecturer; Marc Arwed Rutke, Coordinator) and student representative (Juuso Hermanni Tiihonen and Patricia Ex), that were followed by the speech by Martin Tamcke (Director of Studies, Euroculture).

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the awards ceremony, during which current graduates were called on stage to receive their degree certificates.

Furthermore, the programme of the event included messages from past students, introduction of the Euroculture Ambassadors Project and celebratory get-together with refreshments. The event ended with a city tour for relatives and friends who have come to Göttingen to celebrate the graduating class of 2012.

Euroculture Göttingen would like to thank the participants for coming and helping us set up a wonderful tradition!

Special thanks to the musicians: Violin: Wong Tsz (violin), Viola Vogt (viola), Sebastian Von Hausegger (cello) and Carolin Dahlem (piano).

Graduation Ceremony in the main University Aula

Euroculture Göttingen Host Students (Summer Semester 2011)