Ombuds-regulation for the maintenance of good scientific practice

The Georg-August-University Göttingen is responsible for organization of research, teaching and fostering young scientists as part of its mandatory duties. Teaching and young talent promotion are indivisibly linked to research. Thus, it is of essential significance to the University to maintain an atmosphere of openness, creativity and willingness to perform and to ensure scientific standards under all circumstances. The University has thus issued 'Guidelines for the Safeguarding of Good Scientific Practice' which are binding for members of the University who are working in science.

On the faculty level, elected trustees are available for consultation.
Faculty of Business and Economics has elected –

  • Prof. Dr. Susan Seeber as contact person for the professors and
  • Dr. Melanie Klett as contact person for the research assistants and postdocs.

Moreover, there is a standing Ombuds Committee on the University level composed of three professors and an Investigating Committee composed of five persons (three professors and two external members), who act in cases of suspicion for scientific misconduct and suggest appropriate measures to the University i.e. the president in the event that proof must be provided.