Human Resource Management Seminar

In this seminar, students should independently and systematically work on a current topic in human resource management (HRM). Students can select among different topics regarding HRM and are supposed to prepare a research paper.

Qualification aims:

The objective of this seminar is to encourage students to approach a current HRM topic from a scientific perspective. Students can also improve their communication and presentation skills while discussing the work of their peers and presenting their own research project. This seminar might further prepare students to write a master thesis. The seminar paper should be written in English.


  • Please note: The application deadline for the seminar is 21st of March 2022, 12:00 noon, the latest.
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Course Type:


2 SWS / 6 C
Final presentation (approx. 20 min) - 20%
The final paper (around 7000 to 10000 words) - 80%

Exam requirements:
To pass the course, students are expected to write an empirical research paper and give a final presentation. Students need to demonstrate that they are able to conduct and present their research.

Attendance: 28 hours Self-study: 152 hours
Entrance requirements:
Basic knowledge in research methodology. We particularly welcome students that have attended our MA-course “Survey Research”, our BA-course “Empirische Methoden im Personalmanagement”, or similar research methodology oriented courses.
Recommended prerequisites:
Prior knowledge and interest in the current topics in human resource management.

Language: English

Cycle: Every Summer Semester

Term:1 Semester
Max. students:
Recommended semester: