The Chair's core research interests lie in (international) human resource management, cross-cultural management, and Asian business. More specifically, recent research projects have dealt with talent management, global employment and organizational effectiveness. Academic excellence and practical relevance are important for all our research projects. The aim of our research projects is to tackle relevant issues with a sound methodological approach to provide theoretical implications and practical recommendations to relevant policy makers and company managers.

Main research areas
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International collaboration

Reflecting globalization and the research objectives of the chair, many of the research projects have an international nature, e.g. field studies in overseas, cooperation with foreign universities. All researchers at the chair have overseas experience and speak English, in addition to other foreign languages. Professor Froese has conducted research in collaboration with universities, research institutions, and companies in Asia, Australia, America, and Europe. In addition to Germany and Europe, the current regional focus lies on China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. We welcome foreign researchers, students, and managers at our chair.

Recent collaborations with foreign universities

Figure Recent collaborations
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