PhD-Funding Guidance of the GGG

This website provides information on different funding possibilities for PhD students, potential funding institutions and scholarships, as well as the art of writing a promising funding proposal. In addition, you'll find a list of databases for your own research.
Information at this pages were updated in September 2021. We apologize that GGG cannot present more up to date information because of staff shortages.

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Finances and funding

Start_FördermöglichkeitenGenerally, there are three possibilities of financing PhD studies: an employment at the university as a research associate financed by university means, an employment financed by third-party funds or a scholarship.


Preliminary considerations on funding

Start_VorüberlegungenQuite often, there are no job vacancies for PhD students at the university where they are doing (or want to do) their PhD. In these cases, scholarships are another possibility for funding a PhD project. Although scholarships on the one hand often entail financial disadvantages, they also offer the advantage of being able to focus entirely on the PhD thesis.


Applying for funding

Start_FörderanträgeA well-written proposal is essential for a successful application for funding. For such a proposal, both the expertise of the applicant as well as the appropriate formal structure and design are of major importance. The following pages provide various information and helpful hints in this matter. more...

Research possibilities

Start_FormaliaThis page provides a list of data bases, information services and other links which may be useful for your own research.