Department of Economics

Tino Berger sw 200px

Prof. Dr. Tino Berger - Chair of Empirical International Economics

  • Empirical macroeconomics
  • Time series econometrics
  • Bayesian econometrics

Porträtfoto von Elisabeth Bergherr in schwarz-weiß (200px)

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Bergherr - Chair of Spatial Data Science and Statistical Learning

  • Bayesian Inference
  • Gradient Boosting
  • Joint Modelling
  • Geoadditive Modelling

Hartmut Berghoff 200px sw

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Berghoff - Chair of Economic and Social History

  • Business history
  • History of consumption
  • History of globalisation

Kilian Bizer frontal 200px sw

Prof. Dr. Kilian Bizer - Chair of Economic Policy and SME Research

  • Institutional economics
  • Experimental economics
  • Environmental and regional economics
  • SME research

Porträt Andreas Fuchs 200px schwarz-weiß

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fuchs - Chair of Development Economics

  • Development Economics (with a focus on Development Finance and Humanitarian Crises)
  • International (Political) Economics (with a focus on Trade, Investment, and International Organizations)
  • Regional focus: China/Emerging Asia

Helmut Herwartz 200px sw

Prof. Dr. Helmut Herwartz - Chair of Econometrics

  • Stochastic volatility models
  • Resampling procedures
  • Panel error correction models
  • State space models

Porträtfoto von Marcela Ibanez in schwarz-weiß (200px)

Prof. Marcela Ibañez Diaz, Ph.D. – Chair of Development Economics

  • Behavioral development economics
  • Labour economics
  • Policy evaluation

Claudia Keser 200px sw

Prof. Dr. Claudia Keser – Chair of Microeconomics

  • Experimental economics
  • Behavioral economics
  • Game theory

Krisztina Kis-Katos 200px sw

Prof. Dr. Krisztina Kis-Katos – Chair of International Economic Policy

  • Globalisation and development
  • Economic policy and political economy
  • Applied microeconometrics

Thomas Kneib 200px sw

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kneib – Chair of Statistics

  • Mixed model based inference in structured additive regression
  • Quantile and expectile regression
  • Distributional regression / generalised additive models for location, scale and shape
  • Bayesian regularisation priors
  • Boosting semiparametric regression models
  • Spatial statistics
  • Regression models for categorical responses
  • Structured hazard regression
  • Multi-state-models

Porträt Udo Kreickemeier sw 200px

Prof. Dr. Udo Kreickemeier – Professur für Internationale Ökonomik

  • Influence of foreign trade and offshoring on the labour market
  • Distributional effects of globalization

Robert Schwager 200px sw

Prof. Dr. Robert Schwager – Chair of Public Economics

  • Political economy of the federalism
  • Education economics and education policy
  • Local tax revenue sharing
  • Tax revenue sharing and tax competition
  • Taxation of mobile labour
  • The impact of media on public expenditures
  • Electoral competition and political rents

Holger Strulik 150px sw

Prof. Dr. Holger Strulik – Chair of Macroeconomics and Development

  • Economic growth and development
  • Population economics
  • Dynamic macro
  • Health and aging

Porträt Florian Unger schwarz-weiß 200px

Prof. Dr. Florian Unger – Chair of International Trade ('Juniorprofessur')

  • Credit frictions and globalization
  • Innovation and international trade
  • Corporate taxation and export behaviour

Sebastian Vollmer neu 2017 sw 200px

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Vollmer – Chair of Development Economics/ Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS)

  • Development economics
  • Population economics
  • Global health
  • Poverty and inequality