Director of Studies
of the Institute for Educational Science

Göymen-Steck_140xThomas Göymen-Steck, M.A.

Research assistant and since 10/2012 Director of Studies

Member of the Executive Board.

The Director of Studies assists the IfE's management in the Institute's overall curriculum planning of, in monitoring the quality assurance system, and in the further development of the educational science module programmes for the various degree programmes.
He looks after the department in matters of general questions concerning the teaching plan and the electronic systems such as the UniVZ (Catalogue of Lectures), Stud.ip (Registration /Electronic management of courses) and FlexNow (Exam Management) used in the teaching process.

Counselling - Core Studies: Educational Science
The Director of Studies provides subject study consulting and is the Accreditation Officer of the IfE for study credits acquired within the county and abroad (especially under the ERASMUS programme) for the following degree programmes:

→ Accreditation process: Germany/ foreign countries (e.g. ERASMUS)
→ FAQ Educational Science in the B.A. degree programme in Social Sciences
→ FAQ Master's Degree in Educational Science
→ Excerpts from catalogues of modules (an overview)
In addition, the Study Advisory Office of the faculty would be pleased to assist you for general counselling and advice on both degree programmes (including application and entry to the university).

Counselling: Teaching Profession
Dr. Susanne Masuch (link to her personal homepage) offers subject study consulting for the IfE and the acceptance of study credits (acquired within the country and abroad) in the context of the educational science (Master of Education) or the modules of "Educational Science Competence" (2-subject B.A. with teacher trainig) in degree programmes for the teaching profession offered by Göttingen University.