The Institute for Educational Science is organised in seven Departments.

General Education and School Education
(Department Head: Prof. Dr. Margret Kraul, "Niedersachsenprofessur")

Theory and History of Education
(Department Head: Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Horn)

Empirical Educational Research with focus on
The Research of Teaching and Learning

(Department Head: Prof. Dr. Ariane S. Willems)

Educational Science with a focus on
Pedagogical Practice and Professionalism

(Department Head: Prof. Dr. Katharina Kunze)

Pedagogical Socialisation Research
(Department Head: Prof. Dr. Hermann Veith)

Education/ Empirical Research in Schools
(Department Head: Prof. Dr. Tobias C. Stubbe)

Education/ Empirical Research into Teaching and School development
(Department Head: Prof. Dr. Kerstin Rabenstein)