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Guide to "Getting on a bike"

You are new in Göttingen and haven?t brought a bike with you?
Perhaps you are thinking of getting yourself a bike for the first time?
We can put you on the right track! Follow our guide to "Getting on a bike".

Which is the right bike for me?

Not all bicycles are the same. Various different models have been developed to meet different cycling needs.
Look here to see which bicycle could be the right one for you.

Buy or rent?

Of course, the obvious choice is to buy a bike and enjoy using it for many years. But renting a bike could also be a good idea in some cases. Please read our information for commuters about this topic.

New or second-hand?

You don?t really need a new, expensive bike. You can already get a roadworthy second-hand bicycle for about 50 Euros. You can read here where you can get a second-hand bicycle, and what you need to consider when buying a second-hand bicycle.

Buying a bicycle

In Göttingen, there are numerous bicycle shops, specialist bicycle dealers can be found in most parts of the town. You will find a list of bicycle dealers and bicycle repair shops here.