Willem C. Vis Moot Court Team Göttingen

Our Team for the 27th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

27th Vis Moot Team & Coaches

Again, at the 27th Willem C. Vis Moot the University of Göttingen is represented with a Team. Team and Coaches from left to right: Caspar Baumeister (Coach), Rachel Kappel (Coach), Paul Wohlleben, Franziska Reese, Henry Fermor, Michelle Viola Raue, Paul Gögler (Coach), Anna Witte and Paul Thiessen.

27th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

Last year, for the second time, the University of Göttingen Vis Moot team succeeded in reaching the round of 64 (place 57 of 372) – a tremendous achievement considering that other teams have been competing for some time and/or are in the advantageous position of originating from English-speaking countries. With the 27th Moot around the corner, the University of Göttingen Team intends to keep improving and to reach in its seventh competition the first elimination round and at least the second elimination round. The participants of this years Moot are determined to further prevail in the competition, representing the Georg-August-University, and look forward to an exciting and instructive semester.

The world's leading law school moot competition in private international law with more than 350 participating teams from more than 65 countries presents young legal talents with the opportunity to gain practical international experience beyond the university curriculum. In a simulated procedural environment, students acquire skills regarding litigation strategies, qualified command of the English language and the ability to present legal problems and their solutions, which is indispensable in practice.

This event is offered by Prof. Dr. Joachim Münch who holds the Chair of Civil Law, Commercial Law, German and foreign Civil Procedure Law. His areas of research, above all, also include International Arbitration Law.

The upcoming semester, we are looking forward to continuing the recently established tradition of Göttingen’s participation at the Willem C. Vis Moot.