Additional Courses

Voice Coaching and Speech Diagnosis

In addition to its core curriculum, the communication skills division at ZESS also offers regular speech diagnoses and voice coaching sessions. Students undergo a series of speech tests that measure their speech and vocal abilities in order to ascertain where they stand in line with the requirements of their desired profession. Students receive personalized feedback and, where necessary, are recommended voice and speech training courses offered by the communication skills division that specifically cater to their needs. The speech diagnoses are conducted in small groups of maximum three persons, with each session lasting not more than one hour.

Trial Treatment Session
Students have the chance to undergo a trial treatment session, during which functional speech and voice disorders are corrected. These take place either on a one-to-one basis or in group settings, with the following purposes in mind:

  • Treatment of functional breathing, voice and enunciation impairments
  • Imparting productive ways of managing speech anxiety
  • Teaching students how to step beyond their comfort zones and find new ways to express themselves orally


  • Rolled-R:
    The ability to enunciate a rolled-r is a necessary facet of a number of languages and is learnable. The communication skills division at ZESS offers various courses that teach the correct enunciation and articulation through specific exercises.
  • Enunciation of /s/:
    /s/ spoken with a lisp is a prevalent misarticulation that is easy to rectify. Through our special courses, participants learn how to enunciate /s/ and familiarize themselves with exercises to aid them in their articulation of a 'pure' /s/.

  • Speech Training
    Completion of each of the communication skill certificates as well as the certificate programme 'Learn, Train, Teach' from the social skills division is equivalent to the intermediate test Speech Training (DGSS). Taking the intermediate test enables qualification for further education in speech training and speech science at selected universities in Germany. For more information on taking an intermediate test, do contact the DGSS directly.