Language Skill Acknowledgements for Stays Abroad

  • Acknowledgements of language skill to include in applications for exchange programmes, overseas scholarships, as well as internships and clinical traineeships abroad can be attained by the respective department head upon completion of a language test. All four facets of language mastery - reading, writing, listening and oral communication - shall be tested.

    Do note that these tests are solely an approximate gauge of your language skill level. They cannot be used as an official document to prove your language proficiency, as when requested by university admission offices. Neither do they serve to replace the placement tests at ZESS. Their only purpose is that which has been stated above.

    Due to capacity constraints, ZESS is only able to offer a limited number of language tests per semester. Interested students should, therefore, take note of the deadlines of their desired scholarship and/or exchange programme and ensure that they are able to take a language test in time to meet these deadlines.

  • Participation: Language tests are only available to students of the Georg-August-University of Göttingen.

  • Duration: Allow for one hour per language test.

  • Fees: Administrative fees are placed at 5 euros.

  • Registration:
    Take note that only limited places are available. You should register for the test as soon as possible - registration opens at least two weeks before the test date.

  • Test Dates English:
    In order to take the English test, do make use of the registration form.

  • Test Dates French:
    In order to take the French test, do make use of the registration form.

  • Test Dates Italian:
    In order to take the Italian test, do make use of the registration form.

  • Test Dates Spanish:
    In order to take the Spanish test, do make use of the registration form.

  • Take note that it is often possible to submit a UNIcert® certificate in place of a language skill acknowledgement.