Certificate Programme 'Media Skills'

Students are able to qualify for a certificate in media skills upon conclusion of a specific number and combination of courses. For detailed information on the course listing, take a look at Annexe 1 of the ZESS Examination Regulations (see links on the right-hand side).

  • Number of Courses: 5 (spanning at least 11 SWS and with a possibility of obtaining 17 Credits, depending on whether a course of 2 or 3 SWS is chosen)
  • For the duration of the course, participants contribute regularly to their portfolio which comprises their reflections on the topics handled during the course and which thus demonstrates their awareness of the psychological aspects and effects of the dissemination of information through the media. The certificate programme concludes with a presentation and a graded discussion.
  • Starting: Students may participate in the certificate programme at any given time during their studies. Information regarding the registration formalia can be found in the column on the right-hand side.
  • Fees: The certificate fees (incl. printing costs) are placed at 20 euros.

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