International Certificate

InDiGU – The Integration and Diversity Certificate Programme at the University of Göttingen shall turn you into experts on intercultural skills! As such, students may use the International Certificate to have any international experiences and/or intercultural skills formally acknowledged, including any mentorship they may have provided to international students. At ZESS, intercultural communicational skill courses can be taken in any foreign language of your choice, which shall then be credited with 3 points. This is in line with the i²MoVe-Module 2.
By attending a two-day intercultural skills training workshop by Mrs. Henze (register via StudIP), in addition to the basic fundaments of the certificate, you would have, together with a stay abroad of at least 12 weeks, completed the obligatory part of the International Certificate: Mobility.

ZESS offers the following languages to choose from, in line with the choices available for stay abroad destinations:

  • Intercultural Communication – English (cross-cultural module)

  • Communication interculturelle – Français

  • Comunicación intercultural – Español

  • Comunicazione interculturale – Italiano

  • More information can be found under the above module headers inside the module handbook (for the online version which is available on our website, look under 'Transferable Skills'); the dates for the courses can be found on UniVZ. Registration for the courses shall open on 12th October on FlexNow.
    For more information on the programme, see InDiGU