Standardised International Language Tests

Language prerequisites not only differ across the various education institutes, but are also dependent upon the course of study you are applying for. Whatever the case, it is best to have your language proficiency certified by a test that conforms to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) (LINK). When deciding which of the language tests you should take, consider which is most favoured by the institue you are applying to as well as if there are additional admissions criteria to be met, such as a minimum grade. The language test centre at ZESS is glad to assist you in your decision-making and, of course, your preparation for whichever test you decide for in the end.

  • University Admission: German universities often require prospective students to be fluent in German and/or English. Students required to prove their proficiency in German may find the following website useful: (LINK). Students required to prove their fluency in English can choose from a range of tests. At ZESS, students can find out more about the various language tests and access practice material.

  • Non-University Related: A wide range of standardised, internationally-recognised foreign language certificates is available for individuals looking to complete one, regardless of whether they are students. These include DELE (LINK), DELF/DALF (LINK) and Cambridge English Exams (LINK). While it is neither possible to take courses nor the examination for the above-mentioned certificates, ZESS does offer practice material.

  • Foreign Language Certificates for Higher Education Institutes: UNIcert® (LINK) was especially developed with the needs of institutions of higher-learning students in mind and is acknowledged by numerous universities as proof of language proficiency for admission to a master's degree or postdoctorate. Aside from the fact that it costs considerably less to take the UNIcert®, students have the opportunity to have their proficiency in technical terminology certified. UNIcert® can be attained at ZESS for most of, if not all, the languages offered. Should you be interested, simply approach a teacher or contact the language test centre.

  • Stays Abroad: For stays abroad during the course of one's university education and applications for an overseas scholarship, it is often sufficient to submit an acknowledgement of one's current language proficiency. Should you, as student of the University of Göttingen, require such an acknowledgement, click here (LINK) for further information. ZESS takes the issueing of such acknowledgements seriously. For this reason, you shall be required to make an appointment for the handing out of the acknowledgement and allow for one hour per appointment. Please note that language tests are not the same as language certificates and can only be utilized for specific purposes.