Handicapped Accessibility

On this page, you shall find information regarding handicapped accessibility in and around ZESS.

The site plan of the University of Göttingen also shows the various handicapped accessible areas at ZESS: "GRAS GEO" (LINK).

The Entrance at ZESS
The entrance to the ZESS building is located at Käte-Hamburger-Weg. If you are coming from Goßlerstraße, you will recognize the start of Käte-Hamburger-Weg by the security barrier. The ZESS building is located barely 5 metres away on the right side of the road; the main entrance itself can be found by first turning into the ZESS compound and then turning left (barely 15 metres away). As the cobblestones on the ZESS compound are rather uneven, we advise you to walk with caution.

Main Entrance
Besides a short flight of stairs approximately 25 cm high, one may reach the main entrance at ZESS through a ramp on the right side of the door, approximately 5 metres long. The door itself can be opened automatically by pressing a switch at the top of the ramp. The door can also be automatically opened from the inside of the building, also on the right side.

Ground Level
Stairs leading to the upper storeys of the building are situated approximately 2.5 metres behind the entrance (facing straight ahead). The handrail is on the right side of the stairs. Each storey is separated by two flights of stairs. Next to the staircase on the upper storeys is a flight of stairs leading to the basement. This is not permitted for use. To the right of both flights of stairs is the staff washroom (two doors).

The elevator is to the right of the staff washroom. It is approximately one metre wide and 1.5 metres deep. It is not outfitted with a mirror. On the left side of the elevator is a horizontal handrail. The lift buttons for the various storeys are to the right of the elevator and are arranged in three horizontal rows. The bottommost row displays the storeys in the following manner: ground storey, first storey, second storey and third storey.

The ZESS office room is located on the ground floor. To get there, turn right upon entering the building through the main entrance and enter through a glass door 10 metres away. The door to the office room is on the left side of the corridor, directly behind the glass door. You may enter the office room anytime you wish during its office hours, i.e. it is not necessary to make an appointment. The staff will be pleased to be of assistance.

The ZESS assessment board is also located on the ground floor, approximately 15 metres down the corridor (from the above-mentioned glass door) and the fourth door on the left.

The media centre is at the end of the corridor.

Each and every room in the building, apart from the washrooms for students, is wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair-friendly toilet can be found on the first storey.

First Storey
Ordinary toilets are situated to the left of the corridor, between the staircase and the elevator. If you are using the stairs, turn left; if you are exiting from the elevator, turn right. The toilet on the right is for ladies, while that on the left is for gentlemen.

A wheelchair-friendly toilet can also be found on the first storey. Upon coming out of the elevator, turn left into the corridor: the toilet is the second door on the right.

Second Storey
Ordinary toilets are also to be found on the second storey, to the left of the staircase and to the right of the elevator. The door on the right is for ladies, while that on the left is for gentlemen.

Third Storey
The classrooms on the third storey have slanted ceilings, thus restricting height in certain areas.

Classrooms around the Campus
Feel free to contact us should you have any questions pertaining to the layout and infrastructure of the rooms outside of the main ZESS building (e.g. ZESS-IT).