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Areas of Work

Chair: Sociology of diversity
Professor Andrea D. Bührmann is professor for the Sociology of Diversity and also the founding Director of the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute.

Work at the institute is organized in three areas:

  • Administration and strategic development, coordinated by Elena Futter-Buck.
  • Teaching and fundamental research, coordinated by Dr. Jördis Grabow.
  • Applied research and consultancy, coordinated by Dr. Doreen Müller.

Our student assistantds Jule Nehlsen and Tessa Wiese support all areas.

Third-party funded projects
Information on our third-party funded projects can be found on the "Research" page. Currently the following team members are funded by third-party projects: Dr. Julia Gruhlich (SMARTUP), Lisa Kalkowski (LAGEN), Anne Kardasch (LAGEN), Stina Mentzing (LAGEN).
Student assistant: Kira Vörtmann (LAGEN)

(Last modified May 2024)