Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer

At the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute, we conduct research on numerous issues relating to current social challenges. We attach great importance to the transfer of knowledge - from society to the University and vice versa - so that the results can flow into scientific and social debates.

Transdisciplinary research perspectives offer a variety of starting points for this: We understand knowledge production as a joint process of academic and non-academic practice. Such a transdisciplinary orientation can be effective in all phases of the research process. Knowledge transfer does not only take place when research results are available, but also, for example, during the definition of problems and objectives and/or during data collection and analysis.

It is therefore crucial that socially relevant issues find their way into academia, that non-academic stakeholders can participate in the research process and that research findings not only circulate in the academic community, but also reach specialists and experts outside the universities and, in particular, the wider public - the social discourse. In this way, we as the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute can contribute to the scientifically sound processing of current social challenges through our research work.

On this page, we document the activities of the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute in terms of knowledge transfer in the areas of public relations, projects and teaching. We address different target groups in these three areas: In addition to academics, these include, for example, citizens, practitioners and specialists, social and political actors and companies. Information on "classic" knowledge transfer within the scientific community can be found on the pages on our current events and publications.