Information Systems for Financial Service Providers (ISF)

Problem and Objective

Financial processes and products are highly information-intensive and can largely be standardized. Banks and insurance companies are therefore especially affected by innovations in information and communication technologies and generally show great potential for the adoption of these technologies. Information systems support both, performance processes, such as credit assessment, and management processes. The Chair of Application Systems and E-Business investigates in how far new approaches in the credit business like peer-to-peer banking can be used in corporate credit relationships.

Furthermore, we analyse in how far credit assessment can be improved based on publicly available user generated content with text mining approaches. The asymmetry of information between the creditor and the debtor in a credit relationship shall be further reduced based on this data. In addition to that, we investigate, in how far credit ratings can be comprehended based on user generated content. Since first results reveal, that hints for financial (in)stability of companies are present in textual data from Twitter, current research endeavours focus on the automation of the data coding process utilizing sentiment dictionaries and machine learning algorithms. Next to that, the analysis of textual data sets from heterogeneous sources is approached.

The main areas of research focus on identifying new, changed or enhanced application possibilities of information and communication technologies in the financial sector. Hereby, the analysis of practical problems is the starting point: The research covers not only optimization of business processes and system conceptions but often also prototypical realizations of sector-specific software solutions. Analysis of IT-solution effects are also conducted.

Current research topics

  • IT-supported credit lending and credit assessment
  • Credit assessment based on social media data

Completed research topics

  • Crowd based financing
  • Peer-to-Peer-financing



  • Prof. Schumann GmbH
  • Bundesverband Credit Management e. V.