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Medicine and dentistry (

Application and enrolment in 7 steps

This description pertains to applicants from the EU and EEA as well as citizens of a foreign country with German entitlement to university admission for admission via for the subjects of Medicine and Dentistry in the first subject semester. Please additionally read the notes on the University's on selection procedure (AdH) as well as the dates and deadlines for enrolment.

Please also note the information on the central allocation procedure for nationwide admissions-restricted study programmes (ZV) of the Foundation for Higher Education Admission and on the university's own selection procedure (AdH).

If you want to apply for a higher subject semester, you will find the respective step-by-step instructions (change of university or lateral entry) here. If you are interested in a different degree programme, please go back to the application check.

Online application to
For places of study nationwide in subjects that have restricted admission (in Göttingen: Medicine and Dentistry), the application must be made to using the online application form. Please note that you must first register for the dialog-oriented service procedure (DoSV) and then for the central allocation procedure for nationwide admissions-restricted degree programmes (ZV).

Prioritizing your applications in the portal of
If you have applied for other study places in medicine or dentistry or for other degree programmes, which participate in the dialogue-oriented service procedure, you must prioritize up to 22 January in the portal of the order of your applications.
Tip: If you want to come to Göttingen, you should enter this application as the highest priority. If you have given higher priority to another application and receive an admission offer there, you will automatically no longer be able to obtain admission from the University of Göttingen.

Your application will be processed by You will be informed about admission offers after the application deadline in the portal of
If you have decided on an admission offer from the University of Göttingen, you must actively and bindingly accept it in the portal of If you prioritized your application to the University of Göttingen as your first study wish, an offer of admission will automatically be accepted.

Data entry in the Internet
Using our online form (data entry), you can apply for enrolment at the University of Göttingen within the deadline stated in the admission letter.

Sending in your documents by e-mail
After you have entered your data, you will receive the registration number of your application and a form to print out that contains the documents you must then send in to the University by e-mail to Please make sure your copies are readable.

Documents for enrolment

  • University admissions qualification (e.g. university-entrance diploma) as a single, uncertified complete photocopy.
  • Letter of admission from
  • proof of health insurance (AOK, BVV, DAK, etc.) for students. Privately insured students must have an notice issued from their health insurance company exempting them for statutory health insurance ("Befreiung von der Pflichtversicherung").
  • Only for international applicants: Certification of sufficient knowledge of the German language (DSH test)

Important: Certificates that are not in the German language must be submitted as a certified translation.

Transfer of semester fees
At the same time you mail in your documents, please transfer the semester fees to the University. Your enrolment can only be processed after we have received your payment. Please make sure to state your registration number and name in your transfer!

Payment by transfer

Please transfer the semester fees in due time to the university bank account.

Additional bank fees that may apply for international (non-eu) bank transfers must be covered by the applicant. Please choose the option OUR (you pay for all transfer charges) in case you send the money via SWIFT.

Payee („Empfänger”): Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Account with Nord/LB Hannover
Friedrichswall 10
30159 Hannover

IBAN DE57 2505 0000 0199 9537 04 BIC/SWIFT-Code NOLA DE 2H

Reference („Verwendungszweck”)
Please enter the following information into the "reference" field:

  • Your application number
  • Your surname and given name
  • The semester of reference (e.g. winter semester 20xy)

Confirmation from the University
You will automatically receive a confirmation (preliminary student identification, enrolment certificate etc.) by mail.