Mathematics is fun.
If you like to get to the bottom of things and do not accept ?That just is like that.? as an answer or if you cannot let go of solving riddles, you will most likely have fun with the mathematics programme. You learn how to approach tricky exercises and the joy of solving really hard exercises that need much work but eventually get solved.

Mathematics is done together.
The image of a lone mathematician in a quite chamber is obsolete for a long time. Both in research as well as in commerce and industry mathematicians work in a team with others. During the studies it is already supported and demanded to work on exercises together.

Mathematics is useful.
The current research in Göttingen is concerned with how digital fingerprints can be used for identification non-ambiguously and lifelong. Other mathematicians from Göttingen think about how to achieve that trains are better on schedule or how you can create the soccer league and basketball plans in a more efficient way.

Mathematics is interdisciplinary.
Problems of the most different areas often cannot be efficiently solved until the problem-solving methods are combined with mathematical problem-solving techniques. This is the reason why mathematical research often happens in cooperation with other scientific disciplines. Amongst others physics, business sciences, computer science, medical science and science of forestry are part of that interdisciplinary problem-solving approach.

Mathematicians are in demand.
Students of mathematics learn to analyse and to reduce problems to its core. It is not the aim to learn calculation methods but to train structured intellectual powers. Thereby they are able to become acquainted with the most different topics in a short time ? this is the reason why there are such good career prospects for mathematicians.