Dr. Friederike Schruhl

Born in 1987. Studied Philosophy and German Literature in Berlin and Nottingham. Worked on the project "Skull base knowledge: Cultural implications of the plastic surgery of the scull" at the Centre for Literature and Cultural Research Berlin. Tutor and research assistant at the Department of German Literature at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Project: Forms of expression and representation of digital humanities and their relationship to literary criticism.
The discussions about the worth of the digital humanities within literary studies opens up insights into the controversial self-definitions, object descriptions and academic understanding of the subject. My doctorate is situated at the point of intersection between the history of knowledge and literary studies. The goal is to identify theorems, paradigms and hypotheses of digital humanities and to analyse their discursivation praxeologically within literary studies. It interests me, (I) how digital operations become communicable and imaginable at all, (II) which instructions digital humanities keep on hand for literary studies and how digital technologies may be used in literary studies as well as (III) in what way institutional defensive attitudes or rather approbations are innovations of digital technology.