Dr. Elisabeth Michelbach

Born in 1986 in Würzburg. She studied General and Comparative Literary Studies at the Free University of Berlin, the University of Lausanne and the University of HIldesheim. In 2013 she completed her studies with a paper about bourgeouis subjectivity in the theatre novel around 1800. She sat in at the Schaubühne Berlin, was an academic assistant at the excellence cluster "Languages of Emotion" at the Free University of Berlin and worked at Bavarian Broadcasting (BR) and for a communications agency. She writes for Nachtkritik and blogs at dertoddesromans.wordpress.com.

Project: The blog as an autobiographical genre of the digital present.
From a literary studies perspective the question arises whether traditional literary procedures and formats will continue in digital writing practice. Additionally the paper wishes to elucidate the blog as an independent literary genre of the digital age, which is at the same time under the obligation of a literary-historical heritage.
As a format which is largely autobiographical in character the blog is located in a tradition of literature which is on the border between fiction and reality, literature and the world. The blog converts this hybrid position of an autobiographical genre: it doesn't just speak of the present but itself constitutes an action in the present which shape its texts decisively. As an interpenetration of mediality and performance the blog is text and practice in the social medium of the internet.
As an attempt to make a poetics of the blog, historically and systematically a series of characteristics of the blog as a literary genre should be established and put into practice out with examples from the German language.