Microfabric and Texture analysis

Conventional polarization microscopy with digital camera

Additional tools: point-counting device, appliance for thin section scanning (plane and crossed polarized light).


    3D orientation analysis of micro crack and micro vein generations

    Crystallographic orientation of planar and linear fabric elements

    Limited texture analysis

Transmission-UV-fluorescence-U-stage microscopy

   3D orientation analysis of open interconnected micro cracks in the broader sense, impregnated with fluorescence resin.

Reflected UV-light-fluorescence microscopy

   Visualisation of methane and higher hydrocarbons within fluid inclusions

   Visualisation of pores and cracks impregnated with fluorescence resin for a quantitative analysis of their volumes and connectivities.

   Detection of fluorescent phases within grain boundaries and sealed micro cracks.

X-ray texture analysis

   Determination of crystalllographic preferred orientations (textures). Specifically configured goniometer for the analysis of rocks with self-developed data correction strategies  for the pole figure generation.


Rotation stage